Bouncing Back

Life is full of speed bumps. Just when you think there is smooth sailing, something always seems to get in the way. This has been my roller coaster for the past 2 years. However,the one thing that has remained constant is my commitment to fitness and these last 6 weeks have not been any different. I had a stumble but picked myself back up and tried to move on. I refocused my energy on the goal ahead which was to get ready for the beach. I find that if I set a deadline, I keep myself more accountable. I got my diet back on track, left my heavy lifting behind (somewhat), and replaced it with a lot of higher intensity workouts. Below is somewhat of a description of my plan of action. Provided by the ever so great Josh Bowenphoto (5)

My struggles in the past year have led me to feel more in tune with my body. I know how it responds to certain things I eat or drink (i.e. wine and pizza vs. salmon and broccoli), and how is responds to different types of training. I know that if I want to build muscle I lift heavy and if I want to lose body fat I up the intensity and lower the weight. Simple enough right? I also know that in order to achieve any of those things I must keep my diet in check. As they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen”.

photo (7)

I have 8 days until my deadline and it hasn’t been until the last couple that I have seen my hard work pay off. It is just how my body responds. It is almost as if the fat just falls off all at once. I know that isn’t the case but it sure feels that way. So do yourself a favor and set a deadline – whether it be nutrition or fitness wise. If you have something to focus one the results will be satisfactory.

Stay Beautifully Strong,



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