Feel the Love

The day of love is full of people loving one another but shouldn’t you focus on loving yourself? That is what I have tried to focus on the past year. I was too busy worrying about everyone else and lost touch with what really mattered. The one thing I feel very accomplished about is loving my body because I was not so in love with it a year ago. Made me lack confidence and honestly made me sad. One thing that has helped me, is not weighing myself. I hate the scale – it is my nemesis. Not stepping on the scale daily is one of the best decisions I have made. I gauge my weight by how my¬†clothes fit and how lean I feel. I am more in tune with my body currently than I ever have before.

Painted in WaterlogueIn today’s society, we are over exposed. Especially with all of the “Fitsporation” pages and accounts. Let’s face it, that’s not the real world. It would be awesome if I looked like that and wouldn’t complain if I did. But most of those people don’t look like that 365 days a year, so what you see is a skewed reality (well maybe some do look like that). I’m pretty ok with not looking like I’m ripped. What I know is, is that I am strong, lean, and love my body (most of the time anyway). It wasn’t easy to do and I have days when I am really down on myself, but I love myself. Try it, it feels good!
Painted in Waterlogue

Stay Beautifully Strong,