Stronger Than Yesterday

I am stronger than I was yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. In fact, I am the strongest I have ever been and have built more muscle than I could ever imagine. “How?”, you ask?  Well by bench pressing 40 lb dumb bells, dead lifting 215 lbs, and squatting 155 lbs (all PR weight for me). I lift heavy things and have fallen in love doing it.

I was always a person that thought the only way to lose weight was cardio which is true but it won’t build muscle. There were a few years when all I really did was run – training for half marathons to be specific – and I couldn’t figure out why my body was not responding. I didn’t feel good about myself and let me not forget to mention my knees, hips, and feet were falling apart. I still continued to run when I started training over a year ago but couldn’t get in a good workout in because my knee and hip hurt when I would lunge or squat. So I was told to stop running. Not cool. But low and behold everything quit hurting. Once I had all my “injuries” out of the way, it was time to bring out the big guns. I would say this was the 2nd phase of my body transformation with the initial phase being getting back in shape and losing the weight that I wanted. Now it was time to add in some muscle and shed even more body fat.

There is just something empowering when you lift heavy especially as a woman and no you will not get “bulky”! The only way a woman can become bulky is if they take steroids. But if you want fantastic “toned” arms and legs you need to pick up something heavier than 5 lbs. Your body will thank you, I promise.



Stay Beautifully Strong,



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