Putting Yourself Out There

I have always thought of myself as a private person. Throughout the past year that has slowly changed as I have lost over 20 lbs and made a total body transformation. When I first began this journey I was very down on myself and very insecure. But looking back I have seen how much I have grown. I started seeing results and wanted to share them with people to perhaps motivate and inspire someone like myself. I will be honest when my 6 month transformation was posted I was completely terrified. What would people think? “Here’s another person posting about their workouts again”, “What is up with all these transformation pictures?”.


I slowly began to see that the good responses were far outweighing the bad and that gave me confidence. People began approaching me and telling me how much of an inspiration I have been and boy did that feel good. I started thinking, if I am reaching this many people just through social media, imagine what I could do if I actually joined this fitness world. So I did and I can’t wait to get started. By putting myself out there, I have changed my life for the better by rediscovering a passion I had lost. No reason why you can’t do the same!


6 thoughts on “Putting Yourself Out There

  1. Lindsey I am so proud of you and encouraged. What a difference in those pics. I have watched a lot of your videos and followed your progress and it is amazing! I am moving back to Lex at the end of March and would really like to follow in your footsteps. Let me know if you are going to train anyone or the best way to get started. Congrats and thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love this!! You’re amazing and so inspiring! You have inspired me and your daily updates have helped me in so many ways. More than you will know. You have helped me, as well as others, take control of their lives and embrace health! Love love love you!

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